In Progress 1/6 Scale 2009 Jason Sculpt

At the very end of December last year, we showcased a custom finished head sculpt of Jason Voorhees from Jason Takes Manhattan. The sculpt was created by Betomatali, a very talented artist who has been lending spectacular detail to his Jason creations. Currently, he is working on a head sculpt representing Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th 2009. Although it is in the beginning stages, the piece looks very realistic.

Below, are behind the scenes photos of the make-up appliances being added to Derek Mears. The photos give some detail into the overall facial features of the new Jason and will help fans get an idea of what Betomatali is creating for his custom sculpt. Check out the photos below for comparison and if interested in commissioning Beto for any type of custom sculpt, please email him at

Special thanks to "PapitoMX" for sending in the pic of the sculpt!


  1. This looks really good. Any idea how much he charges for this work?

  2. Hi, I work very closely with Betomatali on these Jason projects. If you like to inquire on this piece, you can send me a personal message here on the forum or contact via email.


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