Ted's Part 2 Campfire Jason Mask

As the owner of this website (which covers every aspect of my beloved horror franchise Friday The 13th), I can claim to be expert in many areas, however, one part of the hobby that I still learn about every day is that of the mask industry. I leave that to the experts, which is why today I found some interesting information on the creepy mask used by Ted in Friday The 13th Part 2 over at TheHMA.net.

At that forum, a user named "MONSTERLUVER" provided images of a replica mask based on the mask worn by Ted during the iconic campfire tale in Part 2 where Paul Holt explains the legend of Jason Voorhees.

As it is explained in the forum:
"The one in the movie was the original Be Something "Fantome". The one with the white hair (2nd image below) is the Topstone knockoff of it, which is close, but has some sculptural differences (note the thicker teeth). It would be great if Zagone (the new Be Something) would rerelease the old Fantome."

This site enjoys highlighting smaller and more obscure items from the franchise like Shelly's other mask from Friday The 13th Part 3. So, for those fans that enjoy the little facts of the film franchise and are into collecting masks, this is just another factoid to whet the appetites of the fans. Big thanks to the experts over at the HMA for their knowledge of all things masks and make-up effects!