Shelly's Other Part 3 Mask For Jason

Besides being one of the Friday the 13th film franchise's most famous pranksters, Shelly is most commonly known as the character that gave Jason Voorhees the now iconic hockey mask in Friday the 13th Part 3. The hockey mask was not the only mask Shelly had in the box that was his "whole world". What if he was wearing the other mask that Summer night?

Jason Voorhees as the iconic slasher and pop culture figure people have grown up with may have been very different with this second mask. Luckily, that was never a concern. So, what is that other mask in Shelly's possession? Well, it is the mask he wears when the group goes to pick up his blind date Vera. Below are pics of the scene with the other mask. Recently, a fan named "Monsterluver" posted some images of this mask at the TGIF13 forum where he received what looks to be an exact replica of the mask used in Friday the 13th Part 3.

In a community where many artists produce the same replica memorabilia masks over and over, this obscure mask is a breath of fresh air and something unique to add to a fan's collection. Can you imagine Jason in this mask alternatively?