Friday The 13th Blu-Ray Exclusive?

Friday The 13th 2009 was supposed to see a single disc Blu-Ray release hit stores on August 16, 2011. Shortly after that date, we noticed that the disc was still not in stores and that a number of online retailers had pulled the disc from their websites. Only one retailer still listed the single disc release for sale and it may be an exclusive.

As we wrote about in mid-August, Best Buy's online store still has the the new single disc release of the film listed for sale at $17.99. However, the Blu-Ray is listed as Backordered and available for delivery within 1-2 weeks. Also, the site states that the film cannot be picked up at any physical store. It's a very peculiar situation, with only a little bit of clarity offered by

That site states that the Friday The 13th 2009 single disc Blu-Ray release is now a Best Buy exclusive and points to the Best Buy site only for sales of the item. The fact that no cover art exists for the release and no other specs are available leads us to believe that this new release of the reboot is on indefinite hold. We spoke to a member of Best Buy and they assured us that the Blu-Ray would be shipped within the time period stated on the website.

We have had some visitors to ask about this release sporadically within the past few weeks, so hopefully this news can shed a little bit of light on the subject. For those people interested in this Blu-Ray release, feel free head over to to purchase the disc. Be aware, though, that as it is a single disc release, it is more than likely the exact same content provided on the 2009 2-Disc set, minus the digital copy.