The Obsession: New Pics And Actress Info

While Friday the 13th: The Obsession is now filming its episodes for release this Fall, numerous updates will start to appear from the set during production. Last week we were treated to new images of obsessed fan Amy Marcus (Hannah Townsend) ready to go psycho, with a little help from Jason. Today, a few new images were released with actress Marie Lynn.

Timberwolf West's new blog puts Marie Lynn on display as they have begun shooting Episode 4 of the 7 episode series. Marie's role is explained in the new blog post, which is summarized below:

In Obsession she has taken on the role of 'Stephanie', the love interest to Jason fan 'Amy' (Hannah Townsend) who comes into conflict not only with Amy's darkside which has taken the form of Jason Voorhees, but also her ex-lover 'Kane' (Rydell Danzie) and her very own sexuality as this is her first romantic relationship with another woman.

Check out one of the new images from the series below and to see the rest of the sultry images of actress Marie Lynn and find out more about her career, make sure to visit Timberwolf's Blog!

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