Behind The Scenes: Marcie's Death Friday The 13th 1980

The most atmospheric and shocking scene in Friday the 13th 1980 is probably that of Marcie's death. From Mrs. Voorhees first entering the outhouse, to Marcie singing at the sink, and then her curiosity taking her to the showers, these occurrences created an inevitable sense of panic and tension that left audiences screaming, "Get out of their now!"

The prosthetic and make-up used to accomplish the death scene of actress Jeannine Taylor took hours of preparation and a lot of patience. An entire head cast was of Jeannine was created to use for the fatal axe blow to the face of the Marcie character (Pictured Above). It is shame that the audience never sees the actual impact of the axe to the face as a lot of claustrophobic time was spent on the head cast.

What some fans consider the money shot of the film is the aftermath of Mrs. Voorhees' assault on Marcie. Jeannine Taylor told this writer that the axe being attached to her face was especially difficult due to the adhesive glue constantly melting and causing quite a runny mess. Luckily, the shot of Marcie collapsing to the floor after her death was captured appropriately on film. Below is a few images of Jeannine Taylor, one showing her prepping for the scene where the axe attachment is very visible, and the other image showing the completed decimated Marcie character.

Images Courtesy Crystal Lake Memories and His Name Was Jason
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