Interview: Melanie Kinnaman (Pam Roberts, A New Beginning)

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning has always been the black sheep of the Paramount portion of the film franchise, even surpassing some of the later New Line entries in some fan's eyes. However, recent years have seen fans begin to appreciate the film for it having the last true Friday the 13th look and feel.

Recently, Adam Wilson caught up with A New Beginning star Melanie Kinnaman (Assistant Director Pam Roberts) and asked her about her career and the time she spent on the Friday the 13th film. You'll find out she had a great time in her experience on the Paramount feature and continues to enjoy her career as well!

Melanie Kinnaman Interview

First of i want to say thank you to Melanie Kinnaman for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview.

Adam: In the beginning what was it that got you interested in an acting career?

Melanie: I started dancing at age four. I found I had a talent for it. I started singing around the same age. Soon I was cast in small productions which turned into a career in professional stage productions by the time I was 8 years old. It was a natural progression into acting.

Adam: What are some of the commercials/tv shows/movies that you did early on?

Melanie: I did commercial for many products, for example, Arrid deodorant, Coca Cola, Stove Top Stuffing, Maybelline cosmetics and was nominated for a CLIO Award for my role in the Dr. Pepper Commercial " THE PROM" in which I sang and danced. I was cast in the Soap "Another World", "AS THE WORLD TURNS" and "SANTA BARBARA". In Los Angeles I was cast in "General Hospital" I did a few T.V. pilots for shows that unfortunately did not get picked up by the networks. I guest starred on "HILL STREET BLUES, N.Y.P.D. BLUES, L.A. LAW, CHEERS to name a few.

Adam: How did you get involved with Friday the 13th Part 5 and what was the whole audition/casting process like for you?

Melanie: I was called in by the casting directors for a film called "REPETITION" I was told about the character...what "Pam Roberts was all about". I went into the hallway of the building and prepared myself to do a scene in which I am about to be murdered! I entered the room filled with casting directors, the director,and Frank Mancuso, Jr. I threw open the door and started the scene. The entire room gasped, as I recall. I finished the scene, picked myself up from the floor, drenched in tears and sweat, and everyone was smiling at me!! My agent called the next day to tell me that I got the role of "Pam Roberts". I was told from the beginning, once I was cast, That it was a Friday the 13th film

Adam: You did a fantastic job as the lead heroine in the film, from lots of screaming to lots of running and falling, was there anything in particular you did to prepare yourself for the role?

Melanie: As an actor you must understand the character.... all aspects of her nature and begin to prepare your journey as that person I left some things alone so that when it came "alive" it was an absolute surprise.

Adam: Do you remember meeting the owner of the Ranch in California and what did you think about the property and filming there?

Melanie: I remember meeting the owners of the Ranch only briefly. They stayed out of the way of John Shepherd and me! We were busy!!!! The property was beautiful and absolutely perfect for the film. It was a great place to create "A NEW BEGINNING"!

Adam: How was your experience with everyone in the cast and who did you connect with the most throughout the shoot?

Melanie: I really loved meeting the great actors that I was lucky enough to work with on Friday the 13th Part V. I "bonded" with John Shepherd because our acting "style", if you will, and our approach to the scenes was very much the same.... both of us being Method actors. We became close during the shoot. I was also very close with Mark Venturini.

Adam: During the battle scene with Jason in the barn were you involved in using the chainsaw and filming with the dummy of jason in this picture?

Melanie: I was involved with all the chainsaw scenes, did all the action except with the Jason dummy.

Adam: Do you know if there was any scenes that you had filmed that had not made it into the final cut of the film and if so what were they?

Melanie: There were only a few shots and one small scene of "Pam" that were cut. One was right after all the Chase scenes and the others were at the "Hospital" outside "Tommy's" room. I own some photos from those scenes.

Adam: After the filming process was complete what would you say was the most demanding part of the whole shoot and what was the most enjoyable?

Melanie: The most demanding part of the shoot was the grueling schedule, long nights in the cold, soaking wet, and extreme levels of emotion needed for the scenes. The most enjoyable was working with such a great crew!! Unbelievably talented people with the common desire to make a great movie.

Adam: One thing i have always wondered was with the ending of the movie, after we hear the sound of the window breaking inthe hospital room and you enter and see that the window is broken, and then tommy appears behind the door wearing the mask, was it written to state that Pam Roberts died or was this another dream sequence?

Melanie: It was not written that "Pam" died. I was signed to do part 6, as was John, but the producers decided not to continue the storyline of "Pam" and "Tommy" which I thought was a huge mistake. It would have been a great story!!

Adam: Now 26 years since making this film what have you been involved with and do you have anything exciting that you want to share with the fans?

Melanie: I have continued acting in the Theatre, Television, and Film industry. I am presently performing in my one woman show, "BLOND BLACK & BLUE; an autobiographical musical about my life and my crazy career! We hope to take it on the road in 2012 . I will also be co starring in an indie feature, ( working title.. MOTCOLMBE) this fall. I am very excited to announce my website MELANIE KINNAMAN.COM will be available beginning September 1st. I hope all of my friends will "drop by"!!!

Well i thank you again for taking the time to do this interview, it has been an extreme pleasure, and i am sure the fans whill enjoy hearing all that you had to say. I wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors.

Big Thanks to Adam for offering his interview for the website!

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