Fan Games: Germaniac's Jason X

There have been a huge influx of video game news of late regarding Jason Voorhees, Havoc Games and Mortal Kombat. Soon we will have a new, unofficially licensed, Friday The 13th game from Havoc Games and hopefully in the future a DLC for Jason in Mortal Kombat. Before all of this news, one fan created his very own Jason X game.

Friday the 13th fan, "Germaniac", created some of his very own Friday the 13th games which are pretty remarkable in their own right. His Jason X game (Images Below) is an accurate scene for scene recount of the movie. He also created an overall Friday the 13th game called Jason's Rampage which is a blast to play!

Check out the fun screen shots from his Jason X game below and if you are interested, download the games to play.