A Chat With Jensen Daggett (Rennie, Part 8)

One of the first guests I chatted with at the Return To Camp Crystal Lake Friday The 13th reunion event, was that of the beautiful Jensen Daggett. Not only was she gorgeous in person but a very fun and down to Earth person to talk to. She also brought her son with her to the event, which was very cool as he got to see first hand what his mom was involved in so many years ago.

The very first thing we discussed pertained to the Call Sheets for Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan that I brought to the event. Jensen was blown away by the sheets as memories began to flood back from what sounded like a very fun time in her life. Just looking at the actor's names and certain places where they filmed seemed to be a real treat for her and she thought it was the coolest thing that these sheets had been preserved.

Specifically, there is one note tucked into the Call Sheets that referenced a softball tournament that involved a bunch of film and television productions that were happening in Vancouver at that time.

In fact, the crew from the television show 21 Jump Street were part of the tournament, and for all of those Johnny Depp fans, he was involved too. So that was fun to listen to and see the excitement that Jensen had reminiscing about the production. She also mentioned that working for writer and Director Rob Hedden was a lot of fun and made the cast feel so relaxed and secure during the entire filming process.

Some interesting information that we found out is that Jensen's mother still has her original wardrobe from the film. She joked that it was the one piece of wardrobe she wore during the entire shoot of Jason Takes Manhattan! The other great items that Jensen provided was a couple of Behind The Scene photos taken during the filming. The one photo we obtained was that of a majority of the cast hanging out in the bar of the Sutton Hotel.

We also briefly discussed the dog she worked with and how horrible of an experience she had. There were definitely nights that she was ready to kill the dog so she could just get some sleep. We also discussed her agent not wanting to include Jason Takes Manhattan on her resume when going out for different jobs in her career. We both found it funny that horror films nowadays are actively used as stepping stones to a bigger career in Hollywood.

Outside of the film itself, I asked Jensen how her experience was at the convention and she mentioned that this was only the second time she had attended. She said that for the most the part every fan was very courteous and some were very fun to talk to. I asked her son if he had a chance to meet any of the Jason impersonators walking around and he had not yet.

At that point Jason impersonator Wickedbeard appeared, for which I said hello. In all, Jensen was very beautiful and even more willing to talk and share her thoughts on her Friday the 13th experience than I originally thought. It was a pleasure talking with her and made the beginning of my experience at the convention even more enjoyable.

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