Kreation X Unveils Friday the 13th Kamp Kreations

All our stories relating to Return To Camp Crystal Lake will start with abbreviated code RTCCL so to reduce the size of the title of the story. So, with that being said, one of the first people that this writer met before even talking to the celebrities or fellow fans was Mike Thomas and his wife. Mike owns and operates Kreation X.

His company creates horror masks, busts, custom sculptures and many other items to suit the needs of horror fans. Mike and his Kreations have been around for years with many satisfied customers. Just recently, Kreation X has jumped into the foray of Friday the 13th and the masks that are associated with the storied franchise. Hence, Jason Masks was born.

I was blown away by not only how friendly Mike and his wife were, but how accurate the paint jobs on his hockey masks were.

The greatest part of the hockey masks, besides the great artwork, are the prices these are being sold for. The price range for the hockey masks vary anywhere between $35 and $45. That is a great bargain and what Mike and his company are striving to accomplish for the fans. He would like for people to buy as accurate as possible a hockey mask, but at affordable prices.

Make sure to check out the official website for Jason Masks at In the mean time, check out the Kreation X website at and browse around to see what other horror goodies are available.

It was great talking to Mike and his wife this weekend and hope we can meet up again!