Putting Together The Jason Goes To Hell Costume

A few months ago, we brought you the very first look at Kane Hodder in full costume for Jason Goes To Hell without wearing the hockey mask. This quashed a lot of hearsay and rumors as to what Jason looked like underneath the hockey mask during filming. With that being known, what about the rest of the costume.

The body suit that Kane wore was made out of foam latex which fit over a spandex suit. The zipper for which Kane would get in and out of the suit was hidden along the spine area. KNB Effects also created a type of cooling vest that was worn underneath the foam latex suit in which tubes ran through so cold water could be pumped through the tubes to cool off Kane during hot nights of shooting.

After the latex suit was zipped up on Kane, the cowl/hood was placed over Kane's head and attached to the body suit with Velcro. Make-up effects artists would then add make-up to portions of Kane's face as well as edged portions of the cowl that would contact the hockey mask. Next, the hockey mask would need to be attached.

Photo courtesy Bill Hunt

According to Robert Kurtzman, co-founder of KNB Effects, his company did not use any molds or hockey masks previously utilized in other Friday the 13th films, so they started from scratch by buying a hockey mask. There were five or six masks created for filming and each one was created to match perfectly to one another, except for the first mask which was shown in the beginning of the film.

Screen Used Mask From Beginning Of Film
The hockey mask was attached to the cowl via snaps which were already part of the leather straps which were themselves already part of the cowl. After the hockey mask was attached, then the tattered clothing was pulled over the latex body suit and Kane was ready to film. The Jason Goes To Hell suit rivaled that of the Part 7 suit and was indeed more involved and difficult to move in and out of. It should make fans appreciate even more what Kane endured to bring the character to life!