Friday the 13th Director Deals With Devil

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood Director John Carl Buechler is well known in the horror industry for special effects that have lent themselves to many iconic horror franchises such as Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street and, of course, Friday the 13th. Now he returns to the Directors chair for Dark Star Hollow.

In his new film, a man makes a deal to save his wife's life, and that deal is with the devil. A press release was sent out for the film which details the characters involved and the actors portraying them. There is also a small cameo by someone Mr. Buechler is all too familiar with!


While best known for directing part 7 in the Friday the 13th series, Buechler's special make-up effects and other works are well known in films like Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Halloween 4 and Trancers. He is also working on a remake of his classic film, Troll, from 1986.

The cast of Dark Star Hollow includes many familiar faces, forgotten favorites and new blood:

- Josh Hartnett plays Dan Reece, a burned out Chicago cop on vacation with his fiancé Amy, and her friends.
- Firecracker and stuntwoman, kickboxer Lauren Mary Kim is the mischievous yet vulnerable Ashley Henderson. This little hottie is a fresh new face who packs some serious punch with each kick.
- Old favorite Geoffery Lewis has a spot as a drunken dam foreman in the opening sequence.
- Steel-jawed actor James Russo plays the mysterious, heroic Captain John Barteaux; the owner and guide of the massive houseboat Sarah Rose.
- The Lord Rayden of Mortal Kombat, Christopher Lambert plays David Sinclair, the main antagonist; a soul collector anxious to complete his quota of 666 souls and regain his lost wife Noreen.
- The return of Non; Jack O'Halloran is onboard after a break from acting to portray Jim Ross, a seemingly kind marina owner.
- Canadian Scream Queen beauty Chelan Simmons is Tracy Hall.
- Dawn of the Dead (remake) favorite gun-toting mama trucker Jayne Eastwood is onboard as Bev Ross, a tough, shotgun-wielding Tennessee gal.
- Jason Voorhees portrayer Kane Hodder appears in a cameo as Fisherman Jack. Kane and John Carl worked together on Friday the 13th Part 7, as well as the Hatchet series.
- Karate Kid Bad Boy Mike Barnes (aka Sean Kanan) plays a kindly first mate onboard the Sarah Rose houseboat.
- Canadian stud Kyle Schmid is the obnoxious Tyler, Ashley's boyfriend. You just know he's gonna bite it before it's over.

Source: Dread Central