Friday the 13th Part 3 Alternate Ending Contact Sheet

We featured some behind the scenes of photos of Abel from Friday the 13th Part 3 back in December that was taken from a contact sheet from the film. For those that follow this website regularly, you know that contact sheets are photographic representations of film negatives. Today we have a somewhat blurry contact sheet of the alternate ending of the film.

Fans know the story by now, that Stan Winston's original makeup for Jason Voorhees was used for one of three endings to the film. One ending was captured on film, but never used in the theatrical release. That scene had Chris decapitated by Jason! Chris awakes to Rick calling her name. She paddles the canoe to land and runs to the porch of the cabin. She sees Rick run inside the house and begins to chase after him. As she opens the door, Jason is standing in the doorway and chops her head off with a machete.

Below is that blurry contact sheet showing Richard Brooker, as Jason, swinging the machete to behead Chris Higgins. Look at the contact sheet towards the bottom and you will see that there is even a slate board indicating what scene is being shot. There is no denying this scene was shot now and fans would love to see it!