Behind The Scenes: Saving Abel For Part 3

This week's Behind The Scenes peek at the franchise deals with a topic we have written about previously. We all love our Prophets of Doom in our Friday the 13th movies and although Abel will never be able to hold Crazy Ralph's, um, bicycle upright, he still is an intriguing fellow and a character that was meant to be much more prevalent in Friday the 13th Part 3.

If you own the Michael Avallone novel that was released in the 1980's then you were already aware that Abel had an expansive role in the 3D film. Abel not only confronts Chris and the others when they help pick him up from laying on the ground in the beginning of the film, but he also confronts Chris and Rick later in the film as they walk back to the house after Rick's car battery dies. Below are images from a Contact Sheet that series fan Scabboy provided on his website a couple of years a go. It clearly shows the scene was meant to be included in the film.

Sadly, there has never been footage of this scene turn up and I wonder if it ever will.

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