The Man In The Lake

Released by Southlan-Films during the weekend of August 13, 2010, this professional looking fan film is a tribute and an homage to the first couple of films in the original Paramount Pictures Friday the 13th series. The inclusion of "Ralph" as the Prophet of Doom and the plot of a young owner looking to reopen a dilapitated camp are two of the main odes to the original films.


Produced by Southlan-Films
Directed by
Ron McLellen
written by Kevin L Powers
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After the drowning death of a young man at Camp Crystal Lake, the camp is closed down for good. Police searched for days after the accident but the body of the young man was never rcovered from the lake. Now years later a private investor, Spencer Hartwell, buys the property where the camp once stood with plans of reopening it. He hires a group of young folks to join him at the camp and help him get it ready for the upcoming season. When they arrive at the nearby town of Crystal City they are warned to stay away from the old camp. A local store owner tells them how no one goes there because legend has it that the young boy who drowned all those years back actually survived, and now he haunts the forest surrounding Crystal Lake taking vengence on anyone that somes around. None of them take the stories seriously, and they go on their way. Shortly after arriving one of the guys, exploring the forest, happens upon an old shack. Upon checking it out he discovers that the stories are true, and the Man in the Lake… is real.

The film was available in five parts below, but were pulled from Youtube recently. There were DVD's of this film given away as an opening weekend promotion back in August of 2010 as an alternative to watching the film in multiple parts. We may give away more DVD copies in the future with permission of the filmmakers.
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