Horrorhound Pays Tribute To 1981 And Friday the 13th Part 2

Artist Joel Robinson is well known among fans of horror and especially Friday the 13th for his superb work creating his visions our most beloved horror icons. We have featured him on this website previously, as well as on another website last year and now he has created an awesome cover for Horrorhound Magazine paying tribute to horror films from 1981!

The cover brings the head of Mrs. Voorhees and Jason's makeshift alter to his mother to the forefront of the rest of the crazed maniacs that graced the screen from that year. Joel has a real eye for detail and understands why the fans love Jason, Mrs. Voorhees and the entire Friday the 13th universe. Make sure to get yourself a copy of this Horrorhound #29 now!

Make sure to visit Joel's website, www.artpusher.net to view all of his great work and purchase some of his pieces at a very reasonable price!

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