French Mag Mad Movies' Special Slasher And Friday the 13th Retro

It's a magazine day today as another magazine released this month features our beloved franchise on the cover. Most of the time we write about magazines that are sold in the United States as well, we are based in that great country. However, there are many other publications around the world and the French Magazine Mad Movies looks to be a leading force in the movie fandom.

Their newest magazine is a Special Edition (or Hors Series) number 17 and deals specifically with films in the slasher genre. Since the magazine is in French we did our best to translate what the magazine contains, but the interesting part of the issue is the cover art. Does this look familiar to anyone? Indeed it is the DVD cover for the U.S. Deluxe Edition DVD release of Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood from 2009!

It is still a cool looking cover for the magazine, we just wonder if Paramount knows about this?! All fun aside, we are curious to see what the magazine contains inside, so here is the breakdown of the magazine offerings. Pardon our sloppy translation.

-The definition, The beginnings of a genre, the founding trilogy, The Golden Age, The agony of a kind, Neo-Slasher, Slasher-metal, remake me.
-Slasher made ​​in Asia, Slasher made ​​in Europe.
-The influence of the slasher film mainstream
-Censorship and video nasties
-Almost famous: they have begun dying!
-Top 10 Boogeymen
-Top 10 murders
-Soundtrack: Murder in Music

If you're interested in purchasing this magazine, check out Mad Movies website for more info!