Film Prop Thursday: Creepy Doll, Friday the 13th 2009

There are a lot of props that were used during the production of Friday the 13th 2009. Some props were used extensively and were highly sought after by collectors while other props were used in minor roles and seen for a split second during a particular scene. Such is the case with today's prop.

The creepy doll featured below was seen in a very brief instance when Jared Padalecki (Clay) and Danielle Panabaker (Jenna) are searching the abandoned cabins of Camp Crystal Lake. Clay picks up the doll and then decides it is time to get out of dodge. The doll was part of the Profiles In History auction for the Friday the 13th production items in April 2009.

The creepy item consists of a cloth body and has a porcelain head, hands and feet. The doll sold for $800 at that time which is an insane amount of money for something that had little screen time!