Friday the 13th: A New Beginning Version 2

For those fans that are not aware, there is an alternative cut of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning called Version 2. This alternate cut of the film does not offer a lot of differences between itself and the theatrical cut that we have all seen before, however there are a few notable scenes to review.

Version 2 of the film is basically a television cut as there is a lot of profanity and some nudity that is removed. The few notable scenes that are different will only be noticed by real hardcore fans of A New Beginning. These notable scenes are below.

In the beginning of the film, during the dream sequence, Jason stabs one of his victims in the neck. The audience only sees a close-up of the stabbing into the neck and then his victim falls to the ground. In the uncut scene, Jason stabs his victim in full view without the closeup. This gives a more realistic death.

Demon and his girlfriend Anita are singing a duet when Anita suddenly quiets down. When Demon opens the door to see what is going on, he witnesses Anita on the ground with her neck slit. We get a quick glimpse of the wound. In the uncut scene, there are two shots of Anita on the ground. The first is a wide shot of the body and then the second shot, which has been seen in the theatrical release, is a zoom in of the neck wound.

Below are other notable changes between the theatrical version and Version 2:

- Duke's (the paramedic) line is altered when he sees Joey's body. In the original version he says "Bunch of pussies..." while in Version 2 he says "I'll be damned..."

- There is a different angle briefly used in Pete's death (The Greaser).

- The scene in which Ethel yells at Junior as he is eating his stew is re-edited to remove the profanity, and uses some different angles.

- After Junior is decapitated there is an alternate angle of Ethel in the kitchen, and her dialog is slightly altered.

- The scene of Robin going to bed is re-edited to exclude some of her nudity and some dialog.

- Before the scene with Robin there is a scene of Violet in her room which originally was part of a scene which occurred a few minutes later. When the scene happens a few minutes later, the footage that was previously used is not present.

- When Pam fights off Roy with the chainsaw, she hits him twice in shoulder. Only the second hit appears in the theatrical version.

- When Roy dies, the camera stays on Pam, Tommy and Reggie instead of showing Roy falling on the spikes.

Since we currently do not have access to this version, we do not have the scenes available to show here. Although this Version 2 edit is slightly altered from the theatrical print, it is still nice to see the different angles and dialogue after watching the film for almost 30 years!
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