Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Film Debut

Back in April we brought you news of a brand new fan film titles Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. This storyline has already been made into two comic series and even had a brief pass through by studio execs as a possible feature film. Now, the fans have decided to wait no longer!

Director Trent Duncan has debuted his new movie online today via the official website for the fan film. Check out the synopsis as well as watch it in its entirety below!

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash
Produced By Trent Duncan Productions
Directed By Trent Duncan
Written By Trent Duncan

Plot Synopsis
Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees team up to seek revenge on Ash Williams. Lucy's haunting nightmares of Freddy resurface as he persuades her to read from the Necronomicon while Jason terrorizes Lucy's friends, leading them to the sacred ceremonial ground.

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