Hell Jason Concept Machetes

Last week we told you about a very unique custom creation pertaining to Jason Goes To Hell. The design takes Jason and makes him a true warrior of hell, much like that of the Spawn series. Now Jason's Hell machete concepts have been revealed.

Artist Mike Loh has two new machete drawings for his rendition of Jason in Hell. Take a look at the weapons of destruction below and tell us which one you would like to see wielded. Also belowis a bit of what Mike had to say in describing his creations.

Here are Demon Jason's faved weapon merged with his soul in Hell. The Blade of Hatred promises with each strike, your wounds will cut deep beyond your flesh into your soul. It will absorb your life essence, your soul is its fuel source and your blood polishes it.


  1. I agree with Tabby here. The spinal blade is awesome! I would never choose something called "The boner". |o|


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