Behind The Scenes: Jason's Makeup, Part 2

One of the more crazy and entertaining moments in Friday the 13th history came not in any film that was released, but what happened between two alumni from Friday the 13th Part 2. Warrington Gillette is credited as playing Jason Voorhees in that film and attended many conventions laying claim to that fame.

It was later revealed that he only acted in one scene in the film and that was the infamous window crashing scene at the end of Part 2 when Jason grabs Ginny. Steve Dash later emerged onto the scene and helped set straight that he played Jason in all other scenes where the character wore the sack over his head. Although, Warrington played Jason in one small scene, it ended up being both memorable and painful for the actor.

Below are numerous behind the scenes photos taken during the make-up application process by Carl Fullerton. These images show Warrington Gillete in the various phases of transforming into Jason for the film. Even if Mr. Gillette only played Jason for a very few moments in the film, he did have to endure what has become an initiation for all Jason actors, and that is the long and sometimes claustrophobic make-up sessions.