The Ultimate Jason Voorhees From Hell

This writer has seen a fair share of fan created merchandise over the years. There are a lot of talented artists that have created close to perfect replicas of hockey masks and likenesses of Jason Voorhees. However, over the last decade the market has become flooded with these items, so it is refreshing to see unique takes on our favorite franchise.

Artist and Prop maker Mike Loh is on a mission to create his vision of Jason Voorhees in hell as he mentions that the look of Jason in Jason Goes To Hell was disappointing to him. Because of his disappointment, Mike is in the process of creating a full costume of his vision of Jason Voorhees in hell! This will come complete with hockey mask, cowl/hood, body suit and unique machete. If you doubt his unique vision, then check out the pics of his WIP (Work in progress) photos below.

Mike will keep us posted as to his progress and has been doing so in our Discussion Forum over the last few days. What do you think of this ultimate Hell killer being unleashed upon us?


  1. Wow! I am almost unable to write words. Great work on this and look forward to seeing more of this completed!

  2. While I love the JGTH look... if there was a direct JGTH sequel with him rising from hell, this would be bad ass. It's certainly far better than both JX looks, that's for sure.

  3. not a big fan of the mask not impugning his work bc it's freakin great now the bust GD I dig that dude effffin sweet :)

  4. Well, when I heard there was a Friday the 13th movie called Jason Goes To Hell I was expecting to see a totally Bad Ass Jason and this mask came to mind. That movie was so bad and disappointing, totally Jasonless that my mind just cannot accept and in my delusion and denial combined with my imagination made this Jason mask into existence.


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