Friday the 13th Writers Take Notice

Writer Todd Farmer (Jason X, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Drive Angry) comments about and discusses his thoughts on Hollywood openly and freely using his Twitter account and his blog.. He has learned the hard way how the movie industry machine works in Hollywood. Todd has a lot of writers that ask his opinions on how to break into the industry and how they can get their fan scripts made into movies.

Fan films that get made are great, which is why so many are featured on our website. That being said, Todd Farmer wants the fans to take notice when it comes to fan films and scripts. Last year I wrote about Todd's response to a Formspring question he was asked pertaining to a Friday the 13th fan script. Read the comments below and see what you think!

I have a script for a Friday the 13th movie. Would you like to see it?

Me thinks this question is a set up (Billy Joe), but since it is still the most asked question allow me to dip into my arsenal of replies:

No. I will not read your F13 script. And here’s why. It’ll never get made. Nor will your Halloween, Nightmare, Chucky, etc. If you don’t own the rights and if you haven’t been asked/commissioned by the one what does…then don’t write a script based on said material. It won’t get made. You won’t even be able to use it as a writing sample as agents/execs have no interest in reading something they can’t make money on. And they can’t make money on something you stole. And yes, writing a story based on someone else’s owned material is stealing. Sure there are thousands of fan scripts written every month, but how many have you seen in the theatre?

You are smart. You have mad skillz. Create your own killer. Build your own franchise. You wanna be rich and covered in the stink sex and party with the rock stars? Then write what you are hired to write…or create something original. That said, I love you and don’t be stupid.