Obsession Web Series Gets 'The Storm' Director

With Friday the 13th: The Obsession preparing to shoot the first episode of the epic web series in a few months, a director of that episode has been hired on to help jumpstart the series. The director has a unique familiarity with Timberwolf Entertainment and will add a lot to the overall feel of the series.

Director Joe Patnaud has collaborated on other Friday the 13th ventures with Timberwolf in the past, directing their first fan film in the Friday the 13th universe in 2003, called 'The Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake'. Joe later directed the critically received Friday the 13th: The Storm in 2009, which is believed to be the first Friday the 13th fan film shot in High Definition. Now, Joe will bring his knowledge of the series and the character of Jason to the highly anticipated web series.

From the Timberwolf Entertainment/Midnight Hill blog:

"I really wanted him to start the Obsession series for several reasons." admits series creator Tim Whitfield, "First is that I am playing Jason, and the first episode has a major 'Friday the 13th' sequence that involves me playing the character and interacting/fighting with several victims in the woods, and Joe is the only one to ever direct me behind the mask, both in Cold Heart and The Storm and I want that direction behind the mask. The other reasons are he is a big Jason fan, and a great shooter/director, and the series has to start BIG, and has to look like a Jason film. Check out "The Storm", and you will see there really is no other choice BUT him."

Look for more info on the web series as the weeks move on!