London 1888 Offers Tommy Jarvis With Jason Voorhees

We have a lot of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter news of late, and that is completely alright with us. London 1888 previously offered an art print of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. Sales went so well for that print that a new Jason Voorhees offering was created.

Artist Christopher Ott has created an awesome vision of Jason Voorhees and Tommy Jarvis from The Final Chapter which is for sale right now. The print was created to be sold at the Horrohound Weekend Convention that took place a few weekends ago in which Corey Feldman (Tommy Jarvis) and Ted White (Jason Voorhees) were attending.

A print was given to each of the actors. Check it out below and if you're interested in purchasing this, please visit London 1888 to purchase. For $30, it is not a bad deal!