Web Series' Legend Outfits Mrs. Voorhees

Jason's mother is getting her wardrobe and instrument of vengenance prepared for webisodic viewing as the creators of the upcoming web series Jason: The Legend Of Crystal Lake continue to ready production for shooting. Mrs. Voorhees appears in this web series, you ask? Well, yes she does and her wardrobe for the series is pictured below!

Photos of Pamela Voorhees' trademark sweater as well as her hunting knife were posted on the Facebook page for the web series recently and it does seem to be pretty close to what was used on screen for Friday the 13th 1980. The knife itself looks weathered and used (We're guessing on unsuspecting vicitims). Continue to follow the progress of this new Jason adventure here as more news develop!

Jason: Legend Of Crystal Lake
Filming Begins Friday May 13, 2011
Facebook Page

This show will have the feel of of the first 4 friday movies, the same brand of comedy, with more detailed kills. Jason is a bit more realistic and things you never thought needed explaination get an in depth explaination. you will learn more about Jason in this show than any Friday the 13th movie ever released. This story will focus on Jason! this is all the info about this that we will post for now, however there will be