The Many Endings Of Friday the 13th Part 3

It has been written about in the past that the originally conceived ending of Friday the 13th Part 3 would have not only made more sense, but would have been more effective for the jump scare the producers were looking for. What is that originally conceived ending for the film? Well, there was not only one originally conceived scene, but two or possibly three.

One unused dream sequence ending would have Chris awakening in the canoe on the lake, walking to the barn and confronting Jason. The confrontation would end with Chris cutting open Jason's stomach and glorious 3D guts spilling into the audience. Another dream sequence ending that was in the original script , according to Larry Zerner, had Chris walking to the barn after exiting the canoe and finding the dead bodies of her friends. She then decapitated Jason with a sickle.

However, the one alternate ending that was indeed filmed and was close to becoming the final dream scene had Chris decapitated! Chris awakes to Rick calling her name. She paddles the canoe to land and runs to the porch of the cabin. She sees Rick run inside the house and begins to chase after him. As she opens the door, Jason is standing in the doorway and chops her head off with a machete.

Now, the decapitation of Chris in this dream may not have played out the way filmmakers would have liked, but that seems to be more of a logistical problem with the special effects rather than the end result the scene would have produced with the audience. It also did not help that Paramount Execs were nervous about all of the unused scenes. In the end, Mrs. Voorhees would jump out of the water and pull Chris under the water. All of these endings were dream sequences and our beloved Final Girl would have survived regardless. However, fans agree that seeing either Jason or Chris killed in a dream would have made much more sense than Mrs. Voorhees with an attached head pull Chris under the water!