Alice And Mrs. Voorhees Return To Camp Crystal Lake

It has been a while since any updates have been announced for the Friday the 13th films cast and crew reunion planned for this June. Monstermania is producing the event which already includes a number of Jason Voorhees actors as well as a few heroines from the various movies. Luckily, this past weekend, a new batch of actresses were announced for Return To Camp Crystal Lake.

Adrienne King (Alice Hardy, Friday the 13th 1980) and Bestsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees, Friday the 13th 1980) have been announced for the film franchise reunion. It has been mentioned that Betsy may have a prior commitment that could keep her from attending, but the show organizers are working hard to get a solid confirmation. Lets hope Betsy can attend as this very well could be her last convention!

Adrienne joins fellow actresses Amy Steele (Ginny Field, Friday the 13th Part 2), Melanie Kinneman (Pam Roberts, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning) and Catherine Parks (Vera Sanchez, Friday the 13th Part 3) returning to camp. Betsy Palmer joins her fellow psycho and son Jason Voorhees with the many people that have portrayed him over the years.

Return To Camp Crystal Lake takes place June 3rd through June 5th 2011 in Hunt Valley, Maryland and promises to be the biggest reunion of Friday the 13th ever assembled. For more information on the event, please visit the official website. Oh yea, series co-founder and Director, Sean Cunningham will be in attendance as well, which is a rare and special occurence in itself! Stay tuned here as we will be bringing more updates as they are announced.

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