Kane Unleashed For Kill! Photo Shoot

The past few days, author Mike Aloisi has been posting a lot of updates about his experiences with the promotional shoot for Kane Hodder's book Kill! Poor Mike looks like he has taken a beating during his photo shoots, and perhaps he really has at the hands of Kane!

Mike's current updates on the book details his make-up sessions where has some pretty cool neck wounds created to showcase the ruthless agression that Kane provides for his normal victims. He might as well be acting in a movie with Jason ready to dish out some much needed punishment. Below is an excerpt of his experience.

On the set I got into place, Kane grabbed my hair and held his machete up in the air.  Being that it was a real machete, I started to worry about Kane snapping and actually swinging it down on my neck.  I just kept telling myself that he needed me for the book so he wouldn’t do that.

Mike also has been chronicalling Kane's many pranks that are played on himself during the creation of the book and now they have been engrained in Mike's head so much that now Kane doesn't have to do anything at all to get a good scare. To find out how Kane causes Mike to get scared without doing anything at all, make sure to visit http://www.kanehodderkills.com/ and read the journal entries at the Killer And I link.

Also, if you haven't already, make sure to enter our new contest to win an autographed machete by Kane Hodder courtesy of Kane and Author Mike from the new book Kill!