Bill Hunt Offers Jason As An Unstoppable Slayer

Effects Artist Bill Hunt has been contributing his efforts to television and motion pictures for 30 years. His talents have helped create creatures of the night for recent vampire flicks, Daybreakers and 30 Days Of Night as well as the many creatures in the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, but the most important creation Mr. Hunt helped create, at least for this writer, is Jason Voorhees' look for Jason Goes To Hell!

There is no secret the affinity held for the look of the Jason character in that film, so it was amazing to learn that Bill Hunt has started his own studio label and one of his first offerings is going to be an ultimate amalgamation of Jason Voorhees. Below are sculpt images that show Jason has taken a nice beating over the last couple of decades. If you're a fan of Jason's makeup throughout the film series, you will notice a lot of the little details that Bill has included from the different Friday the 13th films.

For instance, the protruding teeth from the mouth in the sculpt comes directly from the make-up for The Final Chapter. Or how about the remnants of a hockey mask indented on the face. An ode to Jason Goes To Hell? Check out the pics below and see what you think. For more information on this and other work by Bill Hunt, please visit his Facebook page or his newly created website,