Film Props: Jason Lives Hockey Mask

Hockey mask collecting is a huge hobby amongst Friday the 13th fans. There are thousands of replicas in circulation representing many looks from the films throughout the film franchise. Although replicas made today are near screen quality, there is nothing like owning the real deal. Today we look at a screen used hockey mask from Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6.

Today's particular mask, which is owned by Paul Wintner and displayed at , was worn by actor C.J. Graham after Jason was shot by Sheriff Garris. It’s a very cool mask and one of many used during the production of the film. In fact, the mask posted here is one of 12 that was made for the production. This particular hock was rigged on the backside of the mask to explode when Sheriff Garris shoots Jason in the head with his revolver. 

According to Mario Kirner from, the straps were originally removed at one point so the mask could be used for the F/X shot needed. Although the hockey mask was intended to be used for an F/X shot, it obviously was never utilized for its purpose as the damage from the bullet hole would have been much larger and more damaging to the mask. Check out the comparisons of the masks below.

This mask was originally kept by CJ Graham who played Jason Voorhees. Mario mentions that he knows of five masks in private collector's possession out of the 12 made for production.

F/X Hock Used For Production (

Worn By C.J. Graham (Property of Paul Wintner)