The Correct Jason Lives Cemetary Filming Location

The importance of visiting filming locations for your favorite movie is something that can be hard to explain to those that do not have a passion for watching films. The idea of standing on a spot that was once used in an important scene of a movie that you watched hundreds of times is one of the most exhilarating moments in your life. There is almost a feeling of being part of the film. However, what if you visited a place you thought was a filming location and found out later it wasn't actually the real filming location?

For over a decade, online Friday the 13th communities have listed New Covington Cemetary in Covington, Georgia as the cemetary filming location for Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. It made sense that visitors to the area would assume this as downtown Covington was used for exterior filming during the production of Jason Lives as well as an old department store which was used for indoor filming. The reality is that the cemetary scenes were shot miles away in Madison, Georgia.

Old Madison Cemetary, located off of West Central Ave. in Madison, Georgia 30650, was the true shooting location for the cemetary scenes in Jason Lives in which Martin the caretaker wondered if people thought he was a fart head.

How did we come to this realization? This writer has in his possession a set of call sheets fom the production of Jason Lives. These call sheets show all of the shooting locations utilized for filming along with the actors needed for certain filming days as well as any props that are required. Thanks to website visitor Andrew Rakestraw sending in current pics of Madison Cemetary from his recent trip, we can put together a full report on this location.

Below are images from Andrew's trip compared to a screen capture from the DVD of Jason Lives. They indeed are identical locations. Some old pics appearing on other Friday the 13th websites show that there is no fencing present on the property which would be another indicator that the New Covington Cemetary location is incorrect. Want even more proof, how about looking at the original Call Sheets from the the film. They clearly detail the cemetary name, location and there is even a detailed map.

On the map, there are some details worth noting, such as the train tracks that Tommy's truck and the squad car drive over when Tommy is being chased as well as the arch in the entrance to the cemetary. And how cute, there is even Jason's grave drawn in! We hope that not too many people have visited the incorrect cemetary on their journey through Convington. If so, at least you have a new place to visit next time you roll through town!

Screen Capture Of Jason Lives From 2009 DVD

Old Madison Cemetary 2011

Old Madison Cemetary 2011