Nathan Millner Draws Tommy Jarvis In Distress

In early December of 2010 I wrote about artist Nathan Thomas Millner and his skillful drawing of not only Jason Voorhees, but many other horror icons. At that time he was commissioned to draw a likeness of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter for promotional work for the upcoming Slasherfest (HorrorHound Weekend) convention taking place March 25-27.

Nathan is very well known for his original artwork, comic books, and his work for Horrorhound magazine. His illustrations for Horrorhound are nothing short of spectacular and the artwork he created of Jason Voorhees from The Final Chapter is astonishing. The illustration was used on the main promotional poster/banner for the convention. Nathan truly captured the essence of Ted White behind the mask and would be a great addition to fan's collections.

Recently, Nathan finished up a really cool illustration from the same Friday the 13th film depicting the scene where Jason crashes throught the Jarvis families front room window and grabs Tommy. He draws Corey Feldman's reaction perfectly and the fans should be able to feel the terror of the character!

View the illustrations below and if interested in more of Nathan's work, please visit his website,, for more artwork. If you are attending Slasherfest in a few weeks, make sure to stop by and say hello to Nathan and tell him much of a Friday the 13th fan you are!