His Name Was Jason: Japanese Edition

His Name Was Jason is a good documentary that pulls together numerous stars of the Friday the 13th film franchise as well as Directors and writers. The first release of the documentary in 2009 contained 2 discs on the DVD format and then later was rereleased on a single disc. The packaging was lackluster, but the content was worthy. With that being said, the Japanese release of HNWJ is worth every penny, on disc and on packaging.

Upon receiving his copy of the documentary, our friend from Japan, daizab, shared with some pics and information about the package and extra features. The Japanese release is missing three features the US release included:  “Freddy vs Jason in 30 seconds with bunnies”, “Jason takes COMIC-CON”, and “Shelly lives”. However, what this release lacks in features it gains in packaging and a special treat, a T-shirt! The shirt that is included is a size M. Which, according to daizab, is smaller than size Medium in the US.

Check out all of the pics below. Collectors of all things Friday the 13th will be sure to get this to add to their collection! Also, you can discuss the documentary at the brand new forum created specifically for this once in a life time look at the franchise!