C.J. Graham As Jason Voorhees, Unmasked

It is indeed a rarity to see a Jason actor in full costume and wearing just the hood without the hockey mask on. Not that it hasn't been seen before. Ted White has a very famous photos of himself wearing the hood, clothed in Jason garb, with a prop hammer attached to his shoulder, but no hockey mask covering his tired face. Photos of Kane Hodder in a similar pose were released recently from the Jason Takes Manhattan Deluxe DVD.

It is doubtful that there have been a lot of photos, if any, that have surfaced over the years showing C.J. Graham in full costume with just the hockey mask missing. Well, below is a very relaxed C.J. Graham taking a break in-between takes on Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. This photo, to this writer's knowledge, has only been seen one other time and that was in a Video Review completed a full year ago. Not real good image quality on that video mind you.

If this image has surfaced in other media, please let us know and if there are any others images of C.J. like this, the staff of this website and the fans would love to see it!