Friday the 13th: No Man's Land

Released during Halloween 2010 by Lightbeam Productions, this fan film has one unique quality going for it, the film was shot in the U.K.! This change in filming location gives a different, but still familiar Crystal Lake feel that sets it apart from other Friday the 13th fan films. Another bonus is the inclusion of the Crazy Ralph character into Lightbeams' Jason universe.

Friday the 13th: No Man's Land

Produced By Lightbeam Productions
Directed By Dave Hastings
Written By Dave Hastings
Official Facebook Page

F13: No Man’s Land is a thrilling new fan made venture which returns us to the terrifying world of Jason Voorhees, and the chilling area he calls home, Crystal Lake. When a group of youngsters, accompanied by two road travellers find themselves stumbling accidently into the now abandoned realm of the infamous and long since gone Camp, it isn’t long before they are picked off one by one by someone who isn’t too happy to have been disturbed.

There is still talk of DVD copies being made available for this film. We will find out and let everyone know when this is available.

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