Illustrations Show Unused Freddy vs Jason Scenes

There were many scripts that were created for Freddy vs Jason through the years before New Line finally settled with Damion Shannon and Mark Swift’s script for the film. In putting together Elm Street Legacy: Never Sleep Again, the comprehensive Nightmare on Elm Street documentary, artist Crash Cunningham was commissioned to illustrate a few scenes from those unused scripts submitted over the years. Crash's first sketch below is based on a key courtroom scene from one unused Freddy vs Jason script draft.

The courtroom scene had Jason on trial for his crimes, but of course Jason was not going to have any of the judicial shenanigans placed before him. The second sketch below was from the proposed matchup pitting Jason and Freddy versus Pinhead. This scene was going to be at the very end of the film as Pinhead emerges from Hell to confront Freddy and Jason.
These and other sketches were showcased during the Freddy vs Jason portion of the Elm Street Legacy documentary. If you have other questions about these drawings or the possibility of getting these prints, contact Crash at

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