Behind The Scenes: Claudette's Offscreen Death

The updates to the opening scene of Friday the 13th 1980 have been discussed over time with an original opening with the couple of Barry and Claudette being changed due to weather conditions as well as Claudette's death itself never fully being realized. Off-screen deaths are usually the bane of all horror fan's existense as people want to see everything that happens within a movie and not left to wonder what happened.

Actress Debra S. Hayes' (Claudette) death was originally conceived to have her neck slit open at the hands of Mrs. Voorhees. Test photos of the death scene were taken, but sadly, the death itself was never captured on film, or was it? To this day, fans have been told that Debra was never filmed in her makeup, but it would be something to see some footage!

Below are some of those test photos that were taken on set way back in 1979. The death would have been impactful if shown in its entirety and would have set an even more grisly tone for the rest of the movie!