Fangoria Mentions Freddy vs Jason In Top 10 of 2000's?

The excitement for Freddy vs Jason was at a fever pitch when late Summer 2003 came rolling around. Almost 15 years of waiting for the titans of terror to appear on screen together was a fanboy's wet dream. However, there was a lot of skepticism about the project due to the numerous writers and directors that had come and gone during that 15 year process. Time would only tell if the battle of the decade would pay off?

It's safe to say that fans of the Friday the 13th series felt scorned by Freddy vs Jason as the negative sentiment professed by filmgoers was that the Jason character was completely mishandled and not represented fairly in the film. There is a lot of hatred for Director Ronny Yu in this respect, but the harsh feelings did not hurt the box office numbers for the film. The U.S. domestic gross for the film was over $82 million dollars. Not bad for a couple of characters and film franchises started twenty or more years earlier. However, does the film stand the test of time and how does it stack up against other horror films of that decade? writer Raving Mad Mascerola offered up Part 1 of his Top Ten horror films of the first decade of the new Millenia, the 2000's. In a somewhat surprise decision, he included Freddy vs Jason in his Top 10 list at #9. Below is what he wrote to justify the film's position in his rankings.:

Some of you will probably roll your eyes at this pick, but I don’t care—FREDDY VS. JASON was an absolute blast. Sure, it’s far from highbrow and most people outside the horror community would look at the film and wonder what the big deal was, but to me (and to a lot of people) this was the jamboree I’d been waiting for. After a decade of failed scripts and productions, could the finished film actually be good, and bring these horror icons together for one last madcap movie?

Hell yes. FREDDY VS JASON grabbed me with it’s vicious opening, gleefully recapping each villain’s history while setting up the big brawl to come, and then dispensed with the carnage. The movie has a ludicrously high bodycount (something like 23 die in a runtime below 90 minutes), and that’s not including the vicious mano-a-mano fight that encompasses the last block of the movie. Unending mayhem, stellar directing by Ronny Yu (why has this man not gotten better scripts?), and the joy of seeing Robert Englund (the REAL Freddy) in top form again made this one of my favorite horror experiences of the decade.

What do our visitors think? Is his justifications correct in your opinion, or does Freddy vs Jason deserve higher or lower rankings compared to #9 in the list? To see his entire article showcasing his Top 10 list, visit


  1. Crystal Lake SlasherMarch 16, 2011 at 7:41 AM

    This guy is crazy. No way this film is in the top 10 horror films of the decade. Not even close. Is this what horror has come to now? Yikes!

  2. I agree with him to a certain extent. I watched the film 3 times on the big screen, and why not after 15 years of anticipation? I was just happy that the film was finally made. And the crowd in the theater before the movie was at a fever pitch. FIghts almost broke out over chants of "Freddy! Freddy!" and "Jason! Jason!" It was worth the wait...or so I thought.

    There are some great kills and an interesting story, but choosing Director Yu gave the film that action movie feel. And the final fight scene gets cornier with time and looks like a wrestling match the WWE would be proud of. And no Kane Hodder?

    Top 10 film? NOWAY! Top 10 film event? YES.

  3. I agree with you that this was a huge event. I was very excited to see Jason on the big screen again and see if the writers dove into Jason's background as much as they promised. They did deliver on that a little bit, but overall Jason was pushed to the back seat for the film.

    Yes, the ending is a tad ludicrous, but when they are on the dock fighting each other, it is very epic.

  4. I'm mixed at this comment .. because no Freddy Vs Jason wasn't incredble... but I'm not sure I can think of 10 good horror films in the

    If I'm lucky maybe 5...

  5. Just looked at the first part of his list.. Paranormal Activity... meh, 28 Days Later.. ehh... I have to admit I didn't see Mandy Lane. Devil's Rejects was awsome though.. so yea so out of 6-10 FvsJ is 1 of 2 I liked... as flawed as it was.

  6. Freddy Vs Jason is Definatly my Least Favorite of the whole series by far and for all the reason's Jasonsfury already mentioned. I had waited for YEARS to see this and when I found out it was Ronnie Yu I was devistated. he RUINED the Child's Play series. THEN he went against Kane Hodder so i was out! I saw it but was VERY unhappy with EVERYTHING Ken Kirzinger did. He was BY FAR the WORST Jason in the whole Franchise. Fan Films have gotten Jason Better! Ronnie Yu does NOT know American Horror. The only thing he knows is old monster movies which he based both of his horrible American Horror films on like Bride of Fankenstein (Chucky) and Dracula Vs The Mummy (Freddy Vs Jason). Worst Friday movie in the series and I mean that with Alll of my Black Heart!

  7. Personally, I LOVED Freddy Vs. Jason. By no means was it perfect, but Yu did a good job with this. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. The odds of this being good were slim... so many post movie problems, a bad director could have put together a horrible film...

    Anyway, yes... Jason just didn't feel 100% right. Yes, it bugs me... but overall, this was better than a lot of other horror movies out there... and even better than some of the Jason/Freddy films of their respective series.


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