The Original Opening Of Friday the 13th 1980

Most fans of Friday the 13th 1980 truly enjoy the suspense filled opening sequence of the film where counselors Barry and Claudette are stalked and killed by the demented Mrs. Voorhees in the barn. However, that scene of the film was not the original, intended opening that would set the tone for the movie. What would fans think about a more dramatic and action packed opening to the Crystal Lake legacy?

The original opening was drastically different, showcasing a more traditional stalk and chase scene that would be witnessed at the film's conclusion and later Friday the 13th films.

Having left the campfire to be alone, the young counselors Barry and Claudette would have taken a walk around the lake as the ominous lurking presense crept ever so quietly towards them. The climax of this alternate opening would come as the two lovers would be chased around a boathouse with Barry and Claudette ultimately meeting their demise in a much different way than simply being confronted in the loft of the barn and stabbed.

The change in story was made as on the very first night of filming for the scene, weather decided to intervene and snow would cause a number of technical issues that forced the alternate scene viewers have been watching for 30 years. Would fans have liked to see this extended opening chase scene or does the more simplistic and toned down approach lend more to the Friday the 13th saga?