Brad Fuller Wants Friday the 13th Fans To Not Give Up

At the end of January 2011, Producer Brad Fuller finally broke his silence on Twitter after several months of non news on either a Friday the 13th or Nightmare On Elm Street sequel. Mr. Fuller mentioned in January that Mark Swift and Damion Shannon had already completed their draft for a Friday the 13th sequel and were waiting for a green light for the project from distributor Warner Bros.

The reason that was an interesting bit of news is that back in November 2010, a Hollywood insider had broke news that Platinum Dunes was no longer in the fold for the Friday the 13th franchise and that Warner Bros. was developing their own Friday the 13th sequel and were looking to begin shooting in Spring of 2011. With Spring fast approaching and no news from Warner Bros. about the sequel, it looks as though the insider news that broke last November may indeed be false.

At any rate, this information found its way back to Brad Fuller and other members of the production team from Platinum Dunes and prompted Mr. Fuller to comment on Twitter about the status of the project. Now it looks as though he wants to reassure Friday the 13th fans that they are still working on getting that coveted Jason sequel into production. Below is what Brad tweeted earlier today.

Friday the 13 th, part two ( or is it the 13th?) we won't give up. Dont you either.

The fans are aware now that ot is going to be a long wait before anything really moves forward, however, Hollywood is indeed a strange place and things happen quickly. No one ever knows when a project could just pop up and news will start flowing.....