The "Holy Grail" Hockey Mask Sold?

A few weeks ago we wrote a story about the one hockey mask that was used in multiple Friday the 13th movies. The hockey mask has been owned by legendary stunt coordinator and Michael Myers actor Dick Warlock for over 20 years. Now there is word that the mask has been sold to an anonymous buyer!

There has not been an official announcement on Mr. Warlock's web page or anything of that sort, but it was mentioned on horror mask artist Jasonlivessince1980's blog that the rare hockey mask used in three Friday the 13th films has been sold to an anonymous buyer. No news on the amount, but we are sure that it was not cheap at all. We are trying to find out more information about the sale and will let everyone know if at all possible.

In the mean time, check out the best close-up image of the mask ever provided to the public.