Final Sculpt On Bill Hunt's Unstoppable Slayer

Last week we brought you the first look of Effects Artist Bill Hunt's newest Jason Voorhees creation, The Unstoppable Slayer. We say newest as Bill's first Jason creation was his callaboration on the Jason Costume for the New Line Cinema film Jason Goes To Hell! That version of Jason is this writer's favorite look of the Crystal Laker Slasher and is why fans should pay particular attention to Mr. Hunt's new effort.

Visitors to this website saw sculpt photos in our last post about the new Jason project, but Bill had not finalized his vision of Jason. Now, he has shot a nice high definition video of the final sculpt for The Unstoppable Slayer. The sculpt is being sent out to have a mold created and once that happens, masks can be created and painted.

We will update everyone on the progress of this piece as it continues through the process. In the mean time, enjoy the video that Bill shot below!