New Friday The 13th Television Show In Development?

Last year at the Weekend of Horrors convention in Germany a participant named Ph1b3s wrote me and discussed the events and his experiences with the actors that attended. He was able to meet Ari Lehman and found out some interesting information on a television series he was trying to develop.

The story for the show would take place in-between Friday the 13th 1980 film and Friday the 13th Part 2 and feature Jason Voorhees in his teen years, living off of the land and possibly claiming some of his first victims. It was mentioned that Sean Cunningham has approved the project and now the show is waiting to receive a greenlight from a network.

The fact that a teen Jason was mentioned does not seem to fit with the original timeline of the series, so it is possible that we would see a more adult Jason, before he was to start his homicidal ways. It would seem very unlikely that such a series would ever be picked up by a network, but it is an interesting idea and one that could work with the right setup and network. Perhaps, AMC would take a shot at this as they gambled with The Walking Dead and it paid off huge for that network.

There has been no new updates on this as of yet, but if the wheels start turning, we will let everyone know. Would the fans turn out and watch a series of Jason haunting Crystal Lake?