New Promotional Art For Kane Hodder's Book 'Kill!'

We have been bringing you news and information on the new book Kill!, which will tell the true life story of Jason Voorhees actor Kane Hodder. Kane's co-author Michael Kielsl has been updating fans on the progress of the book for the last several months with storires from the sets of Kane's filming schedule along with attending conventions. There have been some crazy stories invovled for all to enjoy.

Last week Kane and Michael attended a photos shoot for the book in which picstures were taken for the cover of the book as well as other promotional images. Yesterday, Michael updated people on some artwork that was created to possible help promote the book. He enlisted the awesome artist Joel Robinson to create a piece that showcased Kane and all of his film roles. The result is astonishing, capturing Kane and his many iconic film roles in all of their cinematic villainary.

Front and center is of course Jason Voorhees. Check out the tribute artwork below and make sure to visit the official website for Kane's book to keep up all of the action.