Jason Voorhees Doll Is His Creation

Pennsylvania artist Terry Cruikshank is a very talented horror and sci-fi artist that has been creating custom horror dolls for a number of years. His company, Terry Cruikshank Creations, creates horror icons ranging from classic Universal monsters to contemporary horror figures of today. A lot of detail is put into these titans of terror and you can't have iconic horror dolls without Jason Voorhees!

Terry currently has produced two versions of Jason. His first rendition of Jason is from the 2003 film Freddy vs Jason. The sculpting on the face is very reminisant of Jason from the film as he also has the trademark jacket. The second version of Jason is from Friday the 13th 2009. This character also sports the jacket seen in  that film as well as the updated scary facial features.

Below are images from the Freddy vs Jason figure so to see the detail in the custom dolls that Terry creates. If you are interested in seeing more of his work, visit his website http://terrycruikshank.com/!