Bad Taste Bears Mini Mayhem Jason Voorhees

This post is for all of you completist collectors out there. Who wouldn't want to own a cute little bear to share their home with? What if that cute little bear was molded, literally, after a homicidal maniac. Well, we have something for you that will melt your heart and probably rip it out too!

Bad Taste Bears is a line of tiny bears that like to take on the persona of famous cinema characters throughout history and this month, a new line of bears have been released to bring terror to your home. Bad Taste Bear's Mini Mayhem Series One introduces 2.5 inch bears potraying some very disturbed individuals. Characters offered for purchase are the likes of The Bride from Kill Bill, Joker from The Dark Knight and the most of important of course, Jason Voorhees. The bears themselves are interpretations of the characters and not officially licensed from the studios.

The twist on buying these bears is that they come in unmarked boxes, meaning that you purchase one box and you could end up with the Lucifer bear or the Lance bear instead of Jason. This problem has been solved by a seller on eBay who has a couple of these Jason Voorhees bears for sale thatwill elminate the guess work. To see the entire lineup of the Mini Mayhem bears, visit To purchase the Jason Voorhees bear, visit the eBay auction.

It may be too late for Valentines, but give your sweetheart the gift of Jason Voorhees to cuddle with for the rest of this year and beyond.