Jason Returns In Famous Monsters Underground #1

Who said print is dead. Within the last couple of years, there have been a number of horror magazines that have been created to cater to the genre fans every need. Scream The Magazine is one of the latest and even Fangoria has seen a revamp in design and content this past year. Now, Famous Monsters of Filmland is launching an offshoot magazine, Underground.

The first issue, which will be released in May 2011, is a tribute to horror films of the 1980's. The issue will contain interviews with key players in the creation of the films in that decade as well as retrospectives of some of the cult favorite films of the period. Tom Savini is also interviewed for the issue as he will discuss the make-up effects revolution. Surely, there will be some looks at our favorite slasher, Jason Voorhees and his home Crystal Lake.

Below is a portion of the announcement made about the new magazine. Make sure to visit their website to read about the new magazine and be ready to pick this issue up in May when it is available!


It’s finally time to pull off the hockey mask and give readers their first look at Famous Monsters Underground, the new bi-monthly horror and counter-culture magazine from Famous Monsters of Filmland. Since the debut issue of Famous Monsters Underground will feature a tribute to ’80s horror, what better way to mark the occasion than with an epic cover of the decade’s most notorious movie icons?