Visiting The Friday the 13th Part 7 Filming Location

Last year, a fan of Friday the 13th named Will (Cinezombi) contacted this writer to share his pictures of the shooting location of Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. There were some great shots of the location and I created some comparisons using screen shots of the film. Will had some great stories to tell of his adventure which included visiting the local fire department in Stockton, Alabama.

The fire truck used in the ending of The New Blood was stored at the Stockton Fire Department for a long while, at least up until 2003. Ownership of the truck then changed hands to a person named Mr. Lee. To be able to visit the fire truck, Will had to ask permission of Mr. Lee, who also owns Stockton Propane Gas. The truck was in an advanced rustic decay, but readily could be recognized from its scene in the movie!

Close-Up View Of Truck Used In Film (2010)

Long View Of Truck Used In Film (2010)
Ending Of Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood With Fire Truck In Scene
After visiting the truck, Will then ventured off to the main shooting location of the film, Byrnes Lake off of 225 in Baldwin County AL. The location is right off of 65 north of Mobile, AL. Byrnes Lake is where both the party house was located as well as the Shepard's house sat adjacent. As many fans are aware, the Shepard's house was blown up in the film, so obviously that was not at the location and the ground where the house sat is now flooded by swamp water.

The party house was actually a shell house and moved since the completion of filming. This has left the area just as a camping and hiking location. The infamous pier that Tina kills her dad on in the beginning of The New Blood still exists today, but with a few modifications.

Scene From Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood

Byrne's Lake Filming Location (2010)

There is not much left to what the location was like during filming back in 1987, however, it looks to still be a great place to visit. Thanks to Will for making these photos available for the fans to see. To view more of his images from the trip, check out his PhotoBucket account. To find out more about these areas, check out there Google coordinate locations below!

Byrne's Lake: 30.7930092703,-87.8999698928
Stock Fire Department: 31.0144480151,-87.8470868822
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